Pyro Valves

CED manufactures Normally Closed Valves, Normally Opened Valves, and Sequencing/Selecting Valves. These valves are in use in major military aircraft platforms, missile systems, and launch vehicles. Valves are functioned with Stored Gas Pressure, Electro Explosive Devices (EED) such as Standard Initiators, or by lanyard Pull/primer Initiation (LPI). Pyrotechnic valves are ideal for minimal power systems requiring absolute sealing or opening of a flow path and simultaneous function or sequencing of multiple events. Two distinct types of valves are provided; a media control valve and selecting valve.

CED’s media control valves function with liquid or gas media for cryogenic systems, stage separation systems, wing or fin actuation, and cover removal systems. Media control valves provide opening or closing of valves in a variety of sizes. CED provides large and small valves for use in aircraft, missile, launch vehicle and space applications.

CED provides selecting or sequencing valves offering manual selection of egress events and logical pyrotechnic selection of egress, separation and arming events. Pyrotechnic valves provide an extremely fast, extremely reliable method of opening or closing a flow path with small amount of power or lanyard pull input.


Normally Closed Pyro Valve 


Normally Closed Pyro Valve 


Dual Pyro Valve

Press Isolation Valve



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